Matt Hardy Wants ROH To Become A Developmental Promotion For AEW

Some have earmarked ROH as AEW’s developmental territory, and Matt Hardy agrees

With AEW President Tony Khan recently purchasing Ring of Honor, there are all manner of questions as to what the future holds for the monumental indie promotion.

The prevailing opinion amongst wrestling fans and those actively involved in the business is that AEW should use ROH as their own developmental league, similar to how WWE used the ‘black and gold’ NXT, with AEW star Matt Hardy agreeing, saying the following on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast:

"I mean, almost nothing shocks me in this day and age, but I thought it was it was pretty epic that Tony Khan bought this and you know, the first thing I heard about it, he said, 'I got all your footage from ROH,' which is a total Tony Khan line, but it's cool. Once again, I think it will ensure that like the Ring of Honor footage, which they did a lot of trailblazing stuff themselves is gonna stay alive, and be circulated, and it will live on forever,” said Matt.

“I would almost guess Ring of Honor will almost be like a developmental for AEW,” Matt Hardy continued. "I feel like ROH would be like our NXT in their old system. I think they'll have guys that can go work there exclusively and they'll pull guys up. Also just having two brands like that, if you do it the right way, you can have someone on one brand for a long time, then once they are kind of getting… once their programs are played out, you can switch them to the other brands. So it keeps helps keep acts fresh, too.”

Hardy wrestled for Ring of Honor at three points in his career, and admitted he could see himself working as an agent for the brand in the future:

“I mean, definitely, I think I'm gonna do that in the future without a doubt,” Hardy said. “I mean, that way I can still be involved and it feels like you still kind of have an active part in pro wrestling even if you physically can't wrestle that much anymore.”

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