Matt Hardy: Wrestling Is Very Healthy And Extremely Profitable

Big Money Matt thinks the wrestling business is booming

AEW’s Matt Hardy has laughed off suggestions that the wrestling business is in dire straits, pointing to recent ratings triumphs for WWE RAW and SmackDown, as well as AEW’s Blood & Guts edition of Dynamite as evidence that pro wrestling is fine.

Replying to Dave Meltzer’s reporting of said ratings, Hardy Tweeted the following: “It’s shocking how unaware people are of the TV landscape. TV wise, wrestling is very healthy & extremely profitable, especially considering it literally survived a business-killing pandemic. There are a 1000 times more options, on multiple competing platforms, to watch in 2021.”

Indeed, last week’s edition of WWE RAW was number one on the Cable TV Top 150, SmackDown did it’s best viewership numbers in months with the ‘Throwback SmackDown’ episode, and AEW: Dynamite was ranked number one on cable for the first time in its existence, drawing over one million viewers on Wednesday night.

With both AEW and WWE set to resume touring in the upcoming months, then you can assume revenues will increase for both companies as they try and regain normality after a turbulent 2020.

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Written by Jack Atkins

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