Matt Menard Sustained Multiple Injuries At AEW Blood & Guts

A rough match for 'Daddy Magic' Matt Menard

Matt Menard has not wrestled in All Elite Wrestling since Blood & Guts on June 29 and for good reason. 

Daddy Magic revealed in a video with JOFO In The Ring that he suffered multiple injuries at Blood & Guts, including a torn shoulder, labrum, and rotator cuff. Menard will not require surgery, though. 

"June 29, Detroit, Michigan, Blood & Guts, big cage match. Two rings. Hell of an ordeal. Very early on in that match, I kind of get dumped on my head by Santana. It wasn't pretty. Ended up actually, tearing parts of my shoulder, my labrum, my rotator cuff. If you're wondering, 'Geez, Daddy Magic, early on in the match. Didn't you climb to the top of the cage to save Chris Jericho? Did you climb to the top of the cage to save Chris Jericho with a torn shoulder, with your shoulder torn to shreds?' The answer is yes. I'm basically a hero. The good news here, is that it doesn't look like it's going to require surgery. We're rehabbing it, injected some stem cells into the shoulder," Menard said. 

It is unknown when Menard will be able to wrestle again. Daddy Magic has been a popular talent on AEW TV over the past year alongside Angelo Parker. 2point0 are currently in the Jericho Appreciation Society with Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Anna Jay, and Tay Conti. 

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