Matt Rehwoldt Reveals Why He Doesn't Want To Reunite With Miro Or Simon Gotch

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Matt Rehwoldt was one-half of two popular tag teams during his WWE run alongside Simon Gotch and then Miro, but the former NXT Tag Team Champion doesn't want to reunite with either of his tag team partners as a one-off. 

"So this is something I've gone on record once or twice with this. I am a - and some people get mad at me. I am a firm believer in not going backwards and I cherish the time and I appreciate everyone who loved it, but I'm a huge believer in like unless we can take it and really - and it better be f*cking good – I don't know if I can swear, bleep me if you have to - it better be f*cking good," Rehwoldt told the Wrestling Perspective Podcast.

"I don't wanna just have a Vaudevillians reunion. I've had a couple promoters ask and I just go, 'Look, I really - unless we're part of some larger project, I really don't wanna revisit that.' We have no issues, we're all good. We haven't talked a lot but he's doing his thing, he's killing it. But yeah, it's not something I wanna really go back to and that even goes for Rusev, Miro," he continued.

"A lot of people have begged for that too and I'm like same thing. I'd love to work with him in some capacity, to work against him or if it's something different maybe or evolved. I don't wanna just grab a mic and go, 'Mhmmm' and do the same thing again because then, you're just treading the same ground and you're also trying to recreate magic of another company and if I were gonna show up in a separate company whether it be IMPACT, New Japan, AEW, Ring of Honor, whatever it is, I don't wanna be trying to drag some magic from WWE and try to like, 'Let's strike lighting twice, let's light that candle again.' I'd want to create something new. So while I'm not like totally shut down on it, I'm more often than not gonna lean towards creating something new."

Since being released by WWE in April 2020, Rehwoldt has created his own podcast and he recently debuted in IMPACT Wrestling as Drama King Matt. He enjoyed success on his first night with the company and he and Deonna Purrazzo won the Homecoming Mixed Tag Team Tournament.

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