Matt Tremont Coming Out Of Retirement For Atsushi Onita Match On Sunday 31 October 2021

Tremont was thought to have retired last October

Matt Tremont has revealed he will be coming out of retirement for as series of appearances and matches in October, culminating in a bout with Atsushi Onita on October 31 2021.

Tremont was believed to have retired in October 2020 after losing to Rickey Shane Page at GCW The Collective, but The Bulldozer has now revealed on social media that he will be involved in number of events in October, leading up to a match against a fellow Deathmatch legend that Tremont credits as elating his career in Onita. 

Tremont and Onita will do battle at a show on October 31 2021 that will be co-hosted by their two respective promotions. Tremont's H20 promotion and Onita’s new FMW-E promotion will co-produce the bout on Halloween 2021.

Prior to that match, Tremont has confirmed on social media there will be a H20 Wrestling event on Friday 29 October, before a 'Tremont Deathmatch Tournament' on Saturday 30 October.

Tremont and Onita previously did battle at an event called CZW Once in a Lifetime on August 5 2017, competing in a No Ropes Barbed Wire Exploding Baseball Bats Deathmatch against one another. Ultimately, there would be no winner, with the match ending in a No Contest.

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