Mercedes Moné Possibly Now The Highest-Paid Women's Wrestler Following AEW Signing

Mercedes Moné possibly highest paid women’s wrestler after AEW debut

Mercedes Moné is the self-proclaimed ‘CEO' of professional wrestling, and reports suggest she’s making CEO level money after signing with All Elite Wrestling.

After months of speculation, Moné debuted for AEW on March 13 at Dynamite Big Business in Boston, and a report from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that Moné is now the highest paid women’s star in wrestling following her signing.

Moné negotiated with WWE in late 2022 and late 2023 prior to her AEW signing, with reports suggesting she was seeking ‘Becky Lynch money’, with ‘The Man’ the highest paid women’s star in WWE. Meltzer’s latest report suggests that Moné’s AEW deal was for a ‘substantial’ amount of money, said to ‘obviously’ be higher than WWE’s offer, but considerably lower than the rumoured $ 5 million per year figure that has been floated online.

A member of WWE’s women’s division allegedly reached out to the Observer saying they were ‘thrilled’ at Moné’s reported deal as it makes the market stronger for women throughout the industry, with the source noting: “I think it sets a standard that woman should be paid, too. The women do great numbers and have huge social followings” and also said that it was “a huge deal for women in the industry who are paid a lot less than men.”

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