Michael Cole Promoted To "Vice President Of Announcing" In WWE

A new title for the veteran broadcaster...

Veteran WWE announcer Michael Cole has received a promotion within the company, earning the title of "Vice President of Announcing", according to a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

At this time, it's not clear what the promotion actually means, whether it's just a fancy corporate title for Cole, or if there are additional duties that come with it. Johnson's report indicates that the promotion took place several weeks ago.

For some time behind the scenes, Cole has been tasked with the hiring, mentoring, and producing of other announcers.

At one time a seasoned news journalist, Cole joined WWE in 1997. Initially, Cole mostly hosted and commentated on secondary and syndicated programming. By 1998, Cole was broadcasting on Raw is War in a minor capacity, before taking over the lead chair later that year, after Jim Ross fell ill with another bout of Bell's palsy, and held the spot for several months.

In 1999, Cole became the lead voice on SmackDown, a role he would occupy for nearly nine years. He and Ross switched shows in mid-2008, with Cole effectively becoming WWE's primary announcer as a result. For over eleven years, Cole was the voice of Monday Night Raw, before returning to SmackDown this past October.

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