Michael Elgin Denies He Stole Protein Powder

Michael Elgin addresses the recent report

Michael Elgin has denied a report from Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net that he was arrested in Japan for stealing protein powder, noting that he instead missed the July 9 and July 10 Pro Wrestling NOAH shows because he was being questioned about an issue by police. 

Elgin wrote in a lengthy Facebook post: 

"I've made it to Atlanta on layover, then off to St. Louis and tomorrow after seeing jax I'll be headed to Canada to spend time with my family after the passing of my aunt Jackie. Unfortunately false news has hit Facebook, and I've seen friends post it. I've been asked to keep details minimum but I must clear some things up. I'm sure someone will send this to Twitter, which is great. Because that platform will refuse to listen to reason. So here it is.

"First, I was not charged with anything. I DID not steal f*****g protein. Let's start with the protein claim, how can anyone read this and actually believe it's true? 1. When I travel to japan, I pack 1 large bags with all my supplements, and workout gear. I always travel with (long tours) Knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps and my MAG Grip mid width pulldown bar. If I were to run out of protein, NOAH had protein in the dojo for use after our workouts. So here it is - NO I did not steal protein or anything of that sorts.

"Now people have said I was arrested, and detained and could be facing 5 years in prison, unless a deal was made. Well, and this is not a shot at the wrestler who got caught with cannibis in japan. But the way the system works there is If you are arrested of a crime, they keep you from 10-30 days just to investigate the issue. Following the investigation if found guilty, you will be detained for another 2 months awaiting a trial where a deal can be made. It's not news, but the prior mentioned wrestler was detained for 3 months. I am posting this from the United States. I was not deported, I was not banned from the country and I took my originally booked flight of today since my work visa was only valid for 3 months, I arrived in Japan in April. DO THE MATH.

"Now, I was indeed questioned about an issue. This did make me unable to let NOAH know I could not appear on 7/9 and 7/10 events. The policy in japan is they take eveything and do not let you contact anyone unless asking for a lawyer. You do not get a phone call, you do not get any of your belongings. I was asked and answered about an issue, they then looked into it and I was told I was free to go. I then reached out to NOAH but unfortunately the fact I missed 2 shows and didn't contact them was completely on me and I understand why I was also removed from the 16th. 

"NOAH officials talked with me, I myself and the police officer explained the reason I was question, as well as the fact that I did nothing wrong. But the damage of missing shows was already done. I do not hold this against NOAH, I do not hold this against the police of japan. But the system of these matters for sure needs some work. If I had of committed any crime, I would of been detained at minimum 10 days, and as long as 30 if there was any merit to investigate. If I had been guilty of any offense, I would of then been held for 2 months awaiting a trial.

"After this, the news of my Aunt passing happened and I broke down and was in a bad spot mentally. But now, all this 'confirmed' stories circulate and all it does is harm my mental state more. No one asked me what happened prior to reporting. If they even took the time to look into how things happen in Japan, they would realize I would still be in japan in a cell somewhere had I committed any crime.

"So no, I did not steal protein, I did not steal anything. I was not deported and I was not banned from Japan. I respect very little in this world more than the country and culture of Japan. I would do nothing to disrespect that country, or to harm my ability to be in that country.

"I hate to even have to explain myself, but the fact that people can 'confirm' a story which is false shows how mismanaged the wrestling media is. I also know this information came from a foreign talent not the Japanese people. Now, I could say their name I could hold a grudge. But it's no longer worth it, I've let wrestling control my inner piece for far too long. They will never listen to reason or take the time to actually do some research into actual happenings.

"Not only that, a simple look into how the criminal/legal system works over there (it is highly scrutinized by almost all other countries) they would see that fact that I can make this statement or any statement publicly in under 10 days shows their information is indeed false. Again to finish, I do not fault NOAH for taking me off the 16th, I also do not hold any Ill will in regards to japan. I do wish there was a better way for them to handle such a situation when someone has not done anything wrong. Wanted to add, I'm at the point in life where if I walked in water, people would say because I couldn't swim."

Elgin had largely been out of professional wrestling since sexual misconduct allegations were made against him during the Speaking Out movement in June 2020 but the former ROH World Champion returned to Pro Wrestling NOAH earlier this year in April. 

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