Mick Foley And Ember Moon Think WWE Should Be Doing More With Mustafa Ali

The Superstar was defeated by Bobby Lashley on Raw...

After seven months away, Mustafa Ali returned to WWE TV on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw. The former heart of 205 Live quickly picked up some momentum as he pinned the self-proclaimed United States Champion MVP in a six-man tag team match. 

That short burst of momentum ground to a halt on Monday when Ali went one on one with Bobby Lashley. Their 12-minute match was marred by interference and Ali failed to get in much offence before The All Mighty locked in the Hurt Business and forced him to tap out. 

Some fans were critical of WWE's booking and Ember Moon and Mick Foley have also voiced their displeasure as they both believe the company should be doing more with someone as talented as Ali. 

Immediately after the match on Monday, Foley tweeted: "Not crazy about that outcome. @AliWWE brings SO MUCH to the @WWE table - class act, outstanding wrestler, HUGE potential for international attention. Why make him seem like just another guy? #RAW."

The War Goddess discussed Mustafa's loss on a Twitch stream last night. She said: "You guys on stream know that I am a big fan of Mustafa Ali. I think he has all the steps to be someone within WWE. To be a megastar outside of WWE… Not only that, he is a superior athlete in the ring. Not just athletic, we're not gonna coin him as athletic. He is a superior athlete in the ring. He has great promos. Like, he can be a guy, he can be the guy in WWE. 

"So, you have him off TV for seven months, you have him come back to a little bit of momentum, he gets the win last week, right, and then you bring him in and his next challenge is Bobby Lashley. Like, in no way shape or form do I believe Mustafa Ali is going to beat Bobby Lashley. Especially his second match back… Why kill the momentum of someone who is returning like that?"

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