Mick Foley: Becky Lynch Is My Closest Friend In WWE

Lynch says Foley was her inspiration as a youngster

Mick Foley has described Becky Lynch as his best friend in WWE.

Lynch has openly called Foley the inspiration behind her decision to train to become a professional wrestler, which ultimately led to The Man becoming one of the most popular WWE superstars of the current generation. 

Foley has now spoken of his relationship with Lynch, saying he appreciates how close they have become in recent years.

Speaking at Steel City Con, when asked who his best friend in wrestling is, Foley said: ""I’d say Becky Lynch is probably my closest friend [in WWE] and the one regret I had about my A&E documentary, I just wish Becky, I wish I’d said, ‘You need to interview Becky Lynch’ because it gives a different perspective, a female perspective.

"I was somebody who inspired her considering she’s The Man in WWE. That’s a really nice story, so I really like that, you know? I really value all the baby photos she sends me and she’s just a great young lady so I go with Becky Lynch, best friend, final answer. There you go."

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