Mick Foley Likes The Changes To WWE NXT

NXT 2.0 has divided opinion since its launch

Despite being often outspoken about modern WWE, former WWE Champion Mick Foley has given his support to NXT 2.0.

The change from the ‘black and gold’ of ‘classic’ NXT to the neon soaked NXT 2.0 has divided opinion, but as told to The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Foley is a fan of the choices WWE has made in changing NXT:

“I do like a lot of what I see,” Foley said. “WWE, as a company, made a decision that they were going to use NXT as a way to get the talent ready for SmackDown and Raw. A little bit of a different direction, which not everybody is happy with. I like it, my son is one of the writers, he’s enjoying the new direction. I don’t know enough about the ratings to tell you whether it’s working or not. Somebody, meaning somebody being Mr. McMahon, reached a conclusion that the NXT that was, was not properly, I shouldn’t say that. He didn’t think it was preparing the wrestlers as well as it could.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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