AEW's Ricky Starks: Roman Reigns Apologised For Stomping The Sh*t Out Of Me

Ricky Starks the US marshal

Ricky Starks thinks Roman Reigns is a "really great guy" even though he stomped "the sh*t" out of him. 

Starks appeared on WWE TV several times as an extra and on one such occasion, 'Absolute' was drafted in to work as one of three US marshals and arrest Roman Reigns after The Big Dog appeared on Raw ahead of WrestleMania 34 despite being suspended. 

The segment involved Reigns being handcuffed by Starks and co. before fighting them off, which led to Brock Lesnar appearing so he could beat down the handcuffed Roman. 

Speaking about the segment on Rasslin', Starks revealed Reigns stomped "the sh*t" out of him, but the Universal Champion did apologise afterwards.

"When I showed up to work that day, they didn't say 'you're going to be a cop' or 'you're going to be a sheriff.' They called it something else. It was like the guys who sit in the office and when something cool happens, they throw on the vest. I was a fake (security guard) basically. If there was a drug bust in town, I'm going to show up late after SWAT already showed up. I don't know who that is," Starks said.

"I went there, talked to Roman, put these cuffs on and they were really tight. He goes, 'I can't do anything while I have my hands cuffed, so, sorry ahead of time.' I went to grab him and he [double axe handles me]. We get to the corner and he starts stomping the sh*t out of me. He's a really great guy because afterward he apologised."

While Starks wouldn't work as a WWE Superstar in 2018, the company were interested in signing him after 'Absolute' made his All Elite Wrestling debut in June 2020. 

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