Mick Foley Says He Needs To Re-Examine About One Final Match

Mick Foley's path to in-ring shape isn't going as planned

There has been a fair bit of talk when it comes to Mick Foley coming out of retirement for one more match, with the Hall Of Famer making it his intention to get into better shape in order to bow out on his career in a death match. 

After beginning his journey to losing weight and getting into better shape, Foley has revealed that a roadblock of sorts has come up, with it taking him much longer than he thought to shed off the pounds. When speaking on Highspots Sign It Live, Foley noted that he’d have to re-examine later down the line when it comes to one last match. 

“Yeah, but I'd have to lose an extraordinary amount of weight, and it's not falling off like I hoped it would. I'm going to have to re-examine where I am at a certain point. It's not about the money. I want to have a fun match, but I am having trouble. I've been working out. I feel better, moving better, but it's not showing up, as of yet, on the scale. I'm not sure. I'll have an answer by the beginning of the year.”

Matt Cardona has spoken up and expressed his desire to be Foley’s final opponent, though no match looks to be taking place until at least next year. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly