Mickie James: WWE Asked Me To Return Because I'm Mickie James

She also spoke about her reasons for returning.

Mickie James recently appeared on the NotSam wrestling podcast, and discussed her inclusion in this year's WWE Royal Rumble. 

Earlier this month, James was officially announced as an entrant in the 2022 women's Royal Rumble match, a story that shocked many, given her current status as IMPACT Knockouts Champion. 

The championship itself was referenced on SmackDown by the commentary team, but James clarified on Sam Roberts' podcast that she doesn't believe it to be the key reason for WWE approaching her:

"I'm sure that they certainly didn't seek out the IMPACT Knockouts Champion. They called me because it's me. Given everything, I'm grateful for that opportunity and for an opportunity to do something that's never been done before. Not just to do it for the women, but for all of wrestling - it really opens the doors for so many potential things. The idea of dream matches and champions vs. champions, and things you would have never thought possible before. I'm really excited and I really want to represent IMPACT, and I want to represent myself."

James also referenced the contentious nature of her release from WWE, after which she tweeted Vince McMahon to show that her belongings had been delivered to her in a garbage bag.

"To be asked to even come back for the Rumble is a really unique thing, and I wasn't going to say no [...] because when I left, I felt that took precedent over my whole career and put this asterisk beside my name. Here's all this magic with Trish, Lita, Melina, and Beth that I had done, and it was almost overshadowed by this little dark cloud. I didn't want that to be the final thing."

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