Mike Bennett: Triple H Understands Where Wrestling Is Going More Than Anyone In WWE

Bennett is jealous of those who worked closely with the NXT boss

Mike Bennett has named Triple H as the one guy in WWE who has 'his finger on the pulse of what's popular in wrestling'.

Bennett left WWE at the start of the promotion's COVID-19 related budget cuts in April 2020, but says he particularly enjoyed working with NXT Executive Producer Triple H.

The 36-year-old notes that the likes of Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano used to rave about working with Hunter and Shawn Michaels, and wishes he'd had more of an opportunity to sit under their learning tree.

Speaking on the It's My Wrestling Podcast, Bennett said: "I loved working for Triple H. I think he understands wrestling. I think he has his finger on the pulse of what's popular in wrestling. I think he understands where it's going more than anyone else in WWE.

"I think I would personally have loved learning under him and, you know, have him teach me, and because all the guys that end up leaving, they're like Cole and Gargano and Tommaso who talk about it there. They say the best part was learning from Triple H, learning from Shawn, having him guide the ship. I think I would love that and I think it would have been great."

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