Mike Chioda: I'd Go Back To WWE If Vince McMahon Asked Me To

Chioda was let go by WWE last year

Mike Chioda has suggested he would happily return to WWE if Vince McMahon was to call him and ask him to.

Chioda spent 35 years working with the WWE with the majority of his career coming as an in-ring official for the promotion. However, he was released from WWE amid COVID-19 related budget cuts in April 2020.

The veteran official has since worked a number of events for All Elite Wrestling.

During a recent episode of the 'Monday Mailbag' Podcast, Chioda was asked if he would go to work for WWE or AEW if both Vince McMahon and Tony Khan called him on the same day. 

Chioda answered: "Let’s put it this way. 35 years with WWF/WWE. 31 years debuting for WWE in 1989 on TV. I probably would have to say going back to WWE.

"Would I like to close my career with WWE? Of course. Would I love to close it out with AEW? Yes, I would love that too as well. There’s many different guys in sports entertainment, professional baseball, NFL, and so on down the line that you would think that they would just retire a Steeler, retire an Astro, or this, but they don’t. They go on to something else and retire being somebody else."


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