Mike Chioda Reveals John Cena Kept Getting WWE Fined At Madison Square Garden

Cena isn't afraid to cost WWE some money at MSG

Mike Chioda has revealed how John Cena kept getting WWE fined at Madison Square Garden - by running over their strict curfews.

WWE have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Madison Square Garden over the years but that doesn't stop the promotion from being exempt from the venue's strict time rules.

With WWE getting fined extensively for running over, former referee Chioda says the time constraints never bothered Cena, who ensured he got his stuff in and ended up costing WWE thousands of dollars.

Speaking on the Monday Mailbag podcast on AdFreeShows about the strict time constraints at Madison Square Garden, Chioda said: "The reaction is hot from Vince. John Cena has done it a couple of times, I know. But John didn’t care man, he liked to get his stuff in. Just do what he does and entertain the crowd.

"It’s always amazing when you work with Cena too, half the crowd is saying ‘Cena sucks!’ and he had all the kids going ‘Let’s go Cena!’ when Cena’s getting into a comeback. When Cena’s getting into a match he didn’t care. It’s a very high price at Madison Square Garden.

"When the guys used to run over time at the Garden, at curfew I know it used to cost like, anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000. It wasn’t cheap. It wasn’t like a $5000, $10,000 fine. If you’re running The Garden, and you’ve got a full house, you’ve got a million dollar gate. It wasn’t a cheap price to go over the curfew at The Garden because that union stuff was strict there."

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