Miro: I Was Like A Circus Bear In WWE

The AEW TNT Champion felt caged in WWE

Since leaving WWE in April 2020, Miro hasn’t looked back, and after somewhat of a stuttering start in AEW, now stands aloft as the TNT Champion.

But the problem for Miro is he’s just too good at what he does, at least that’s what he told The New York Post, and that’s what led to him being diluted in WWE:

"I’m good. I always knew I’m good. This is the problem with me, I’m good at everything,” said Miro “So if you give me something, I’ll make it the best [of it] and that’s the problem. I won’t be happy until I’m the talk of the whole business, of course. But somewhere along the lines, and this is going to tie it into it, I kept saying yes. I became this circus bear. I was a killer. I came in 2013-14 [to NXT] and killed everybody and then they gave me a little bit of something else. I showed how good I was at that, too. I became like a circus bear. The more I said yes, the more crap I have to eat. I said yes to the wedding and yes to the dancing and yes to this and that, but that’s not who I am, man.

"You have to go through these moments until you finally reach your destination. I wouldn’t change a single step. I’ll take the weddings. I’ll take everything because it leads me to my destination and now being the TNT champion."

Despite a groundswell of fan support following the Rusev Day saga in WWE, Miro’s arrival in AEW was somewhat lukewarm, serving as Kip Sabian’s best man and playing video games. But several months later and Miro is now the beastly Miro we all wanted to see, and according to the man himself this is his true form:

"There is no other version, this is me. I finally have the opportunity to show how real I am and people click with that and people see it. It’s an easy thing to do for me to just be out there and be myself and do what I do best," Miro said. "In wrestling, it’s full of crap characters who come out there and try to be something they’re not and that’s not how this thing works. You have to draw emotion from within yourself. You got to be yourself, you got to represent what you believe in and that’s what I do and that’s why it’s clicking so hard with the people because they can see I’m not bulls***ing them. This is all real. It’s coming straight from my soul, and it’s my destiny and they see that and you can’t see through that."

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