Missy Hyatt Reveals She Dated Jim Ross

The two dated following the passing of JR's wife Jan.

Former wrestling personality Missy Hyatt recently revealed a relationship she had with Jim Ross after the announcer's wife Jan passed away in 2017. 

During an appearance on the Cafe de Rene podcast, Hyatt was asked whether she would spend the night with Ross, which prompted the reveal. 

"Honestly, me and Jim dated for a couple of years, about two years after his wife passed away, we dated for about two years. So, yeah, I've rocked his world. He's rocked my world," she said. 

The two had previously worked together in WCW during the late 1980s and early 90s. In her 2001 autobiography, Hyatt thanked Ross for taking the time to mentor her.

In a 2012 WWE.com article discussing his WCW broadcasting days, Ross wrote about Hyatt:

"Missy Hyatt was another partner I worked with, generally in taped, studio settings while in WCW. She brought a much different dynamic to every broadcast.

"Missy was another lifelong fan who, through working in various wrestling territories as a valet and manager, had much more of a working knowledge of the business than she's ever likely been given credit for having.

"Missy obviously brought an element of sex appeal and a bodacious personality to the broadcasts and played her role extremely well. Like many great performers in sports-entertainment and entertainment in general, sometimes art imitated life. Some days, that was a good thing, and some days, it wasn't.

"She was light-years ahead of today's TMZ-oriented society as she brought unique, topical subjects to many of our broadcasts, all done spontaneously and without someone feeding her lines.

"Missy Hyatt understood her role better than many of those who followed her in sports-entertainment broadcasting, no matter the gender, simply because she understood the business, felt the product and was being, essentially, her natural self on TV.

"The Tallahassee, Fla., native was truly a pioneer when it comes to beautiful women in pro wrestling. In all due respect, who would most men want to look at more, Missy Hyatt or the Fabulous Moolah? I rest my case."

Ross was recently hospitalised, forcing him to miss AEW's Double or Nothing pay-per-view. 

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