MJF Compares Himself To Scrappy-Doo

MJF. Scrappy-Doo. Puppy Power. Better than you.

Coming out of All In at Wembley Stadium and it’s clear to see that MJF is the biggest star in All Elite Wrestling, with the self proclaimed ‘generational talent’ opening and closing the show with tag partner Adam Cole.

However this hasn’t always been the case, and during a Busted Open Town Hall session, MJF compared his early role in AEW to that of Scrappy-Doo:

“Maybe not at first. I definitely was not a quote-unquote ‘chosen one’,” MJF said when asked if he was always seen as a main event player in the company. “I wasn’t best friends with anyone in power; I wasn’t an indie darling. Frankly, I was Scrappy-Doo. I was kind of Cody’s sidekick when the company first started. And if you think about it, I’ve built this all through hard work and determination.

“When AEW started, I got hit over the head by Joey Janela at a pep rally if you guys recall, because Joey was the star at that point in time. I was this kind of undercard guy. Maybe he’s got a shot. Cody seems to like him; throw him out there. It’s crazy to think about now, but that was my spot.

“And I’ll never forget ever the amount of times I looked in the mirror and said you’re gonna get there. Just keep going because I know what I’ve got. And I’m thankful, and I’m grateful for the people that have been along for me on this ride. Even the people that doubted because now I’m seeing which is a very hard thing to do in 2023 because everybody loves to hold on to an opinion even if they know they’re wrong deep down.

“For whatever reason. Nobody wants to apologise. It’s okay to be wrong. And it’s okay to have a conversation. It’s weird; people just put their flag in the sand and be like, ‘No, this is it done’. That’s insane. Unless you’re talking about how great I am then by all means, plant that flag. But yeah, now I think everyone’s pretty much come around on MJF, and everyone’s agreeing that I’m on the main event on the headliner. I’m a world champion. I’m literally the headliner for the biggest show ever. And that’s not hyperbole.”

So if MJF was Scrappy-Doo, then that makes Cody Rhodes Scooby-Doo. One question remains; Who is Shaggy?

H/T: WrestleZone

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