MJF Defends Nash Carter In Deleted Tweet

MJF comes to the defence of Nash Carter

All Elite Wrestling star MJF has defended Zachary Wentz (FKA Nash Carter) following his apology for impersonating Adolf Hitler in a 2015 photo.

In the image, Wentz can be seen with a moustache similar to that of the leader of the Third Reich while performing a Nazi salute. 

Taking to Twitter to defend Wentz, MJF wrote: "I lived with this man. He's not an antisemite. Stop virtue signaling and let the man do his job." The tweet was deleted soon after. 

Nash Carter was released by WWE in April of 2022 shortly after the Hitler impersonation photo was shared online by Kimber Lee, Wentz's wife and fellow wrestler. Lee also accused Wentz of domestic violence. 

Addressing his release on Monday, Wentz wrote in part: "No words can truly describe how ashamed and apologetic I am for my conduct in the photograph. There is no excuse for such behavior and I take full responsibility for my actions and ask for forgiveness."

His full statement can be read here

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