MJF On His AEW Crowd Reactions: 'That's Megastar Sh*t’

MJF is clearly a fan of his own work

MJF is a ‘generational talent’, ‘The salt of the Earth’, ‘better than you’, and also now a ‘megastar’.

That’s the view of MJF anyway, who said as much in conversation with The New York Post: “Professional wrestling hasn’t had a megastar in far too long and that’s who I am,” Friedman said.

MJF’s star is definitely on the rise due to a series of incredible promos and matches in 2022. Despite transitioning ever so slightly from a full-blown heel to some kind of tweener role, the AEW fans can’t help but cheer MJF loudly, and MJF was of course humble in assessment of such reactions:

“Being anything other than myself, fully authentically, doesn’t interest me. I am who I am,” Friedman said. “People will react to me the way they want to react to me. That’s megastar s***. That’s John Cena s***. That’s Rock s***. That’s [Hulk] Hogan s***. There were times in their career when they would come through that curtain and they got the loudest boo and there were times where they came through that curtain and they got the loudest cheer. That’s what I bring to the table. Think people need to stop worrying about fake bulls*** labels and just enjoy this ride because I’m over as s*** and it is fun.”

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