MJF On Wardlow: "Here's The World's Smallest Violin For Me Getting You Insanely Over"

MJF still holds a grudge against Wardlow

The months-long programme between Wardlow and MJF culminated at Double Or Nothing 2022 as Mr Mayhem squashed Friedman to free himself of The Salt Of The Earth's employment.

The match should have been one that cemented Wardlow as a star within AEW but it was very much overshadowed by events outside of the ring as MJF reportedly no-showed the DON Fan Fest due to frustrations with his AEW contract and Friedman's status for Double Or Nothing was unclear only hours before the show. 

Wardlow has expressed his disappointment with the match, noting it should have been one of the best nights of his life but "there was so much that ruined it," mentioning "all the crap with Max and everything he was pulling" as one of the reasons it ended up being a less than stellar evening. 

Friedman doesn't have much sympathy for Wardlow, though, and he said on Rasslin' when asked about Pinnacle shirts: "You can f*cking throw that in the bin pal. F*ck Wardlow. I can tell you that much. Oh, Wardlow, Wardlow, here's the world's smallest violin for me getting you insanely over. Your life's so hard. Your life's so hard. Aw. F*ck out of here."

Following the match, Wardlow became TNT Champion and he has held the gold since early July. 

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