MJF Reveals Why He Signed With AEW Instead Of WWE In 2019

MJF had a choice to make between signing for WWE or AEW in 2019

MJF knows his worth, and ahead of teasing that he’ll start a bidding war for his services when his AEW contract expires, ‘The Salt of the Earth’ is focused on establishing himself as the guy in AEW.

However, even though his future is uncertain, back in 2019 he had to choose between signing with AEW or WWE, with MJF telling Ariel Helwani that the choice in 2019 was a simple one:

“I had a decision to make there. I was [21 or 22] at the time,” said MJF. “I knew there was serious interest in me in WWE but I thought to myself ‘Are they gonna let me be me?’. That’s my biggest thing, cause I’m not fake. Everything about me is real. Are you gonna let me do what I do best? Then, I got to talking to Tony Khan. I was linked up with him by my good friend Cody Rhodes - hope you’re doing well buddy. We talked for hours on end over the phone about Mid-South, about AWA, about Buddy Landel and Butch Reed. I immediately thought to myself ‘Okay. This guy gets it and he gets me’. At that point in my career it was a no-brainer. Now, you bring me anywhere and I’m gonna be a top guy in your promotion. [Back then] I needed to make sure I had the perfect launching point in my career.”

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