MJF: There Is No Line I Won't Cross On The Microphone In AEW

Permanently crossing the line

From threatening to kill CM Punk's "flea-ridden disgusting maggot of a dog" Larry to shouting at Brian Pillman in hell to bringing up Lex Luger being in a wheelchair, MJF has been unafraid to push the boundaries of good taste in All Elite Wrestling with his promos. 

His comments always garner a reaction from the fans in the arena and those watching at home and Friedman noted to Sports Illustrated there is no line he won't cross on the microphone. 

"There is no line. People tell me I'm a habitual line-stepper. I don't care. My job is to make you dislike me, to make you so mad that you pray someone will shut me up," Friedman said.

While MJF seemingly won't stop cutting inflammatory promos, his comments on Lex Luger did draw criticism from All Elite Wrestling's Chris Jericho at the time, with the former AEW World Champion claiming that Friedman just made people uncomfortable instead of getting heat on himself

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