AEW’s Chris Jericho Not Thinking About Retirement

Le Champion is planning on sticking around

Chris Jericho has been a master of reinvention throughout his wrestling career, managing to stay relevant no matter where has plied his trade across a 30 year run.

But despite recently turning 51, ‘The Demo God’ has no intentions of hanging up his wrestling boots any time soon, saying to Newsweek:

“I don’t think when you’re 19, you really think about [retirement], I never really said OK, ‘I’m going to do it this long,’ and I still don’t. I don’t know how long I’m going to do the sport because I don’t think that way. When people ask ‘how long are you going to do this,’ I say ‘I don’t know. When I feel like I don’t want to do it anymore.’ I don’t feel that way right now.”

He added, “There’s really no reason to stop for me because it’s fun for me to work with this whole new generation of stars that are growing into their own and helping them. I think when you kind of live in the now it makes things a lot better, a lot more important and a lot more special in what you are doing. I think we’ve done a great job with that and we’ve really only just begun in a lot of ways. If I didn’t enjoy it and I didn’t have fun with it, I wouldn’t f****** do it.”

Despite wrestling less due to his commitments with his band Fozzy, Jericho feels AEW has been built so well that they don’t need him week-in week-out:

“We started it and we made it something viable right out of the gate, I’ll always take great pride in that and I’ll always take great pride in that fact that now I can be in Ireland on tour with Fozzy, missing a couple of weeks of Dynamite, and I don’t have to worry like I did before. Because now our roster has so many stars on it that they can take a couple of weeks with no Chris Jericho and some people might not even notice.”

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