MLW Held Talks With Braun Strowman & Bo Dallas

Both men are free agents since their WWE departures

MLW President Court Bauer has revealed that MLW reached out to former WWE stars Braun Strowman and Bo Dallas about signing with the company.

However, Bauer revealed that talks with both went nowhere, saying the following on an MLW media call:

"We did talk with Braun Strowman for a little bit. We didn't come to terms with him on a deal.”

Strowman recently wrestled on EC3’s Free The Narrative II PPV, and has been heavily linked with IMPACT Wrestling.

As for Bo Dallas, Bauer revealed that the former NXT Champion seemingly isn’t interested in wrestling at this present moment in time:

"We had conversations with Bray's brother [Bo Dallas]. Right now, he seems more interested in his farming. I understand having to recharge for another run. He seems more interested in his farming. I don't knock him for it.” 

MLW has bolstered its ranks recently, with the likes of Bobby Fish, Alex Shelley and Davey Richards working with the promotion. When asked about his mindset when signing free agents, Bauer responded:

"We're looking and evaluating talent all the time to see if it's a good fit from a product point of view with our fans, will it mesh. What we've noticed is there are some names who are big stars, high profile guys, and they come in and are embraced by our fans. There are others were it's like, 'Yeah, we know they are buzzing and they are from a big company,' but it isn't their jam. It's a really delicate thing. You're a chef and certain ingredients will work and certain ones won't. Every scenario is different. 90% of our roster is signed. That like five-to-10% that is open for payroll and budget that we have flexibility creating matchups, sometimes it's just a fresh two to three month commitment and it's a handshake deal and at the end of that, they go off to another company, maybe we help enrich and negotiate their position and they do something somewhere else, that's fine.

“Sometimes, we present them with a contract and sign them. It's nice having flexibility to try things out. Sometimes, guys will come in very motivated to show the world that the other company slept on them. Sometimes, they'll come in kind of broken by the other company and it doesn't work out because they are not in a good head space. It gives us time to test the waters.”

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