Moose Reveals Original Plans To Reintroduce The TNA World Championship

It was going to happen the weekend of WWE WrestleMania 36...

Moose has revealed the original plans to bring back the TNA World Championship would have seen the belt reinstated in a King Of the Mountain Match in April 2020.

Moose reintroduced the TNA World Title at IMPACT Rebellion 2020, declaring himself the champion and carrying the belt around for almost a year. It was legitimised as a championship ahead of IMPACT Sacrifice last weekend, where Moose lost the belt in a Title Unification Match with IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann. 

The 36-year-old has now revealed that a planned King Of The Mountain Match, which was going to be held at TNA: There's No Place Like Home on Friday 3 April 2020, was going to be used to crown the IMPACT World Champion. 

However, the developing COVID-19 Pandemic saw the show and the entire annual WrestleCon event cancelled, meaning officials needed to find a new way to re-introduce the Championship. 

Speaking on Da Call Up Podcast, Moose said: "We were supposed to have a show in Tampa and there was a King of the Mountain match with five or six of us, with me being one of them, and it was going to be for the TNA Heavyweight Title. They were going to bring it back. 

"That show got cancelled due to COVID and we had to find a way to still have the belt on the show. Management thought of the idea: 'Moose, you're a badass, just grab the title and claim you're the champion.' 

"That's what I did. That run changed my whole career, especially the stuff I did with EC3. That changed me from a Floyd Mayweather-type to a Mike Tyson-type to where I just want to hurt people and beat people up."

IMPACT had got so far as to announce the King Of The Mountain Match for the TNA throwback show, but hadn't confirmed any of the participants prior to its cancellation. 

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