More Details On AEW Tag Team Title Plans & Cash Wheeler's Injury

Details on the inspiration for FTR's squash, and the extent of Cash Wheeler's legit injuries

Much has been said about the recent shock title change on AEW Collision in which Ricky Starks and Big Bill not only won the AEW World Tag Team Championships from FTR, but squashed them in the process. 

It was initially thought that Cash Wheeler was injured, leading to this quick and sudden title change taking place, but the injuries mentioned by AEW are all storyline-based. Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has noted though that Wheeler does in fact have some ailments - We’re told he is banged up, enough to where he was X-rayed but we were told the X-rays showed no broken ribs and he doesn’t need time off and could have done a full match. The angle was something pitched for a shock on the show and to build a rematch and not to cover for a lengthy absence.”

It was also stated that Dax Harwood was behind the idea of how the match went down, with it being inspired by Big Van Vader's victory over Antonio Inoki in 1987 where he beat the legend in two minutes.

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Written by Andrew Kelly