Mr Blobby Returns To Pro Wrestling

Mr Blobby back in the squared circle!

Scrap the rest of 2023, the biggest return of the year has already taken place! 

Riot Cabaret Pro Wrestling held their Vultures Against The Machine show in London, England on Tuesday, January 31 and the promotion held a 90s Rumble which featured Simon Miller as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Session Moth Martina as 'Ginger Spice' Geri Halliwell in her famous Union Jack dress, among other characters. 

The promotion waited to reveal their biggest entrant, though, as Mr Blobby entered the Rumble, much to the delight of the fans in attendance. Blobby was unable to use his charm and power to secure a victory but he did connect with some brutal short-arm lariats and power out of a beatdown from the other entrants in the match. 

Blobby's appearance at Riot Cabaret Pro Wrestling comes months after he made his pro wrestling debut at the Gloworm Festival in August 2022. 

A beloved character on 1990s TV after being featured on Noel's House Party, Mr Blobby has maintained his popularity, appearing on shows to this day where he can often be seen walking around and bumping into things while shouting his own name.

Such was Britain's favourite son's popularity that he topped the UK singles chart at Christmas in 1993 with 'Mr Blobby.'

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