MSK Address Being Booed On WWE NXT

The NXT Tag Champions have started receiving a mixed reaction

Viewers of WWE NXT 2.0 will no doubt have noticed that NXT Tag Team Champions MSK have started to receive smatterings of boos from the live audience.

During an interview with Fightful, MSK were asked if they’d notice the change in reaction, with Nash Carter and Wes Lee saying the following:

"We don't want to control what people do. If they want to boo us… my favourite wrestler, or sports entertainer, of all time is John Cena. How many boos did he get?” started Carter.

"All of them!” Replied Lee, before Carter continued "It doesn't really matter. If they want to boo, go ahead. You can do whatever you want."

Lee agreed with his partner, adding the following:

”You can boo, we're still gonna smile and have our fun. We've done it in the midst of negativity for the majority of our career. So, you looking at our face and booing us is not going to make any difference. We still have people who support us and we're still going to do what we do. We love what we do. We're going to continue to do what we do."

"Kill them with kindness,” concluded Carter.

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Written by Jack Atkins

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