MSK Recall 'Electric' Meeting With Edge At The WWE Performance Center

The NXT Tag Team Champions were delighted to meet the Rated-R Superstar

MSK have detailed meeting WWE Hall Of Famer Edge at the WWE Performance Center. 

The NXT Tag Team Champions were inspired by their meeting with the legendary Rated-R Superstar, who is in the midst of his own comeback story after nine years retired due to injury.

Wes Lee and Nash Carter have spoken about a recent visit to the Performance Center by Edge, who complimented the duo for their Push Moonsault.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Lee said: "The energy there was just electric. When he walked into a room, everyone’s eyes were just drawn to him. The magnetism that man has is very, very special. It is like he was oozing a mission, he was driven to do something and we could just feel it – it was infectious to us. It was just dope having him around. 

"I couldn’t really pick his brains because I was still trying to find the words to say! He did actually give us accolades for our Push Moonsault, he said he’d seen that and was impressed by it, so that was really cool.

"While he was here, he was influencing and giving advice to people. He wasn’t standoffish or shying away from people and seeming like he didn’t want to be there. He was engaged with every person and watching every match. That is very refreshing to see. For somebody who has been doing this for so long but still love it and want to give back so much, it’s motivating for us because those are the levels we want to reach."

Carter added: "You can just tell that he had so much left and so much to give to the product. For him to be able to finally get everything out that has been pent up for all those years, it’s really cool to see. 

"You don’t want to see anyone go out like that… nobody wants to see that. It’s just really cool to see him go again."

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