Tommaso Ciampa On Possible WWE Main Roster Call-Up: "It's Not Like One Is Better Than The Other"

Ciampa just wants to wrestle the best

Tommaso Ciampa just wants to face the best wrestlers in WWE, whether that be on Raw, SmackDown or NXT. 

The Blackheart has had a few matches on the main roster in the past, but has spent the vast majority of his WWE run on NXT. Ciampa noted to Sportskeeda that NXT feels like his home and there is no difference to him if he faces the likes of Roman Reigns or Randy Orton at an NXT TakeOver or WrestleMania. 

"There's something about NXT, and it being my home, that is very original ECW to me. It's what ECW was to Dreamer, RVD and Heyman. Now I understand all those guys went on after and did stuff in other places. But I don't think I would've ever devalued any of them if they just carried on that other path," Ciampa said.

"So for me, it's not like one is better than the other. There's not much difference to me if I face Randy Orton on Raw or SmackDown or NXT. I don't care if Edge comes to my home or I have to go to his home. I don't have a preference if me and Roman Reigns have to prove who the best of the world is at WrestleMania or at TakeOver," he continued.

"I would retire if somebody told me, 'you have to do 300 dates a year.' It was two months out of a broken neck. Now I'm a couple of years out of a broken neck, but I'm not stupid man. Because of the pandemic, I've been wrestling a limited schedule with limited travel. So like, I feel great, but I also understand there's probably reasons that I feel as good as I feel. I just have to do what's best for me. Not just for like Tommaso Ciampa, the legacy, but Tommaso Ciampa the husband, the father, the human. I've got to take care of my body. So, whatever presents itself, that makes the most sense, is what I'm going to do." 

Ciampa would later reveal that a main roster call-up hasn't been discussed with him, but he has thought about it.

"Talked about? No. Thought about by me? Yes. I can look at wrestlers anywhere in this world and I can tell you, 'Would I have a good thing with AJ Styles?' Yes. Because he's AJ Styles! If I couldn't, then shame on me. I think for me it's such a simple thing, and I think sometimes when it gets misconstrued is when people look for some deeper meaning. I want to get in there with all the best wrestlers in the world and continue to prove how good I am, and continue to get better," Ciampa added.

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