Murphy Reveals It Was His Idea To Drop 'Buddy' From His WWE Name

The name was dropped without explanation in 2019

Former WWE Superstar Murphy has revealed it was his idea to drop the 'Buddy' part of his name, but the promotion never bothered to explain the storyline reasons behind the decision.

Shortly aligning himself with Seth Rollins on WWE Monday Night Raw, Buddy Murphy dropped the 'Buddy' aspect of his title, but the switch was never appropriately explained on television.

Murphy himself has now revealed that suggested he drop the 'Buddy' part of his name, and have it explained that he was sacrificing his given name for Seth Rollins' 'greater good'. 

However, the storyline explanation was never given, something that Murphy was left frustrated by.

Speaking on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet, Murphy revealed: "That was my idea. But the whole story behind it was never told.

"So I was talking to Michael Hayes and he goes ‘Buddy!’ I’m like ‘Hey Michael what’s up?’ He goes ‘Buddy, it’s too friendly.’ So I’m like maybe I should go back to Murphy.

"In NXT it was Blake and Murphy, I don’t need Buddy. Maybe because I am this disciple character, and Buddy doesn’t fit. I said ‘Well how about I sacrifice my given name for the greater good?’ Now I am becoming a reborn to Seth. I’m giving away my birth name and I will be known like a number for the greater cause. Next week, I am just Murphy, never explained.

"The whole idea was I am doing this for Seth and when I leave Seth, I go back to Buddy Murphy, I didn’t like that. They could have explained it a lot [better]. The fact that we are talking about it now, they are questions that should not have to be answered a year and a half later."

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