Darby Allin Says He's Not In Jackass 4

Seems like Allin won’t be joining Johnny Knoxville and co after all

Due to his links with Steve-O and association with the skateboarding scene through his appearances on Ridiculousness, it was assumed and rumoured that AEW’s Darby Allin was set to appear in the upcoming Jackass 4 movie.

However, according to Allin himself he isn’t taking part in the tomfoolery.

Responding to a Tweet touting his supposed cameo in the upcoming film, Allin succinctly replied:

“I ain’t in this movie!”

Earlier this month it was widely reported that Allin was indeed slated to appear, with his name listed in the Jackass 4 credits page on IMDB, alongside the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Post Malone, Tony Hawk, and others.

The story gets slightly more complex when you remember that Allin also said he would be appearing in the film, telling Endless Hustle back in January:

"The one event [Allin would miss AEW time for] would be Jackass 4. I've talked to people and I'm like, 'If this happens, I have to have time off.' Not only is this going to help the brand of AEW and pop culture, it's going to help my mind. It's a bucket list thing, for sure. I’ve talked to Steve-O about it. Everything is so crazy with COVID that they can't even start filming. They were a week or two into filming when it got shut down and now they've been holding it off.”

Jackass 4 is slated for release in October 2021.

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