MVP Explains The Hurt Business Break Up On WWE Raw

Lashley forcibly removed Alexander and Benjamin from the group on Raw

MVP has described the break-up of The Hurt Business and Bobby Lashley's attack on Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin as 'just business'. 

Monday Night Raw began with Lashley chastising Alexander and Benjamin for their failure to take out Drew McIntyre in a handicap match during last week's show, before unceremoniously booting them out of his stable with a vicious attack. 

Later in the night, Lashley would defeat Benjamin in a match via The Hurt Lock, and will face Alexander in one-on-one action next week. 

After Raw went off the air, MVP went on Raw Talk to discuss the actions from the show, and was asked to clarify Lashley's decision to break up The Hurt Business and attack Benjamin and Alexander.

"They were given opportunities to show their value to company. They didn’t get the job done and were given the pink slip,” said MVP. “It’s just business, nothing personal. Every corporation has to drop deadweight.”

When asked if he and Lashley might look to recruit new talent, MVP added: "We are always looking for talent. We always have our eyes open."

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