Edge Talks About WWE WrestleMania 37 Main Event

“Sometimes there’s just things that fall in our laps, and you can’t map ‘em, you can’t plan ‘em”

Ahead of his WrestleMania 37 main event Universal Title match against Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, WWE Hall of Famer Edge sat down with Ryan Satin for the Out of Character podcast for Fox Sports. 

Edge spoke about the significance of this triple threat being 10 years after his retirement in 2011, saying:

"It got pointed out to me that the second night of Mania is 10 years to the day that I announced my retirement on Raw. You can’t write stuff like that.

"If I didn’t tear my triceps against Randy [Orton], the timing of this whole thing doesn’t work out. Sometimes there’s just things that fall in our laps, and you can’t map ‘em, you can’t plan ‘em.

"I don’t know if serendipitous is the right word - who knows? - but sometimes things work in magical ways, and I think that that’s one of them. To be able to kind of come full circle, full deck, after having this thing torn away from me. That it’s back and, somehow, I’m in the main event of WrestleMania." 

Edge also drew parallels between his retirement, Daniel Bryan’s retirement in 2015, and Roman Reigns hiatus due to leukaemia in 2018:

"It’s almost hard to try and tell the story of heroes and villains in a way because you got these three guys who had some pretty big lumps thrown their way. If you had said four years ago that there was the possibility that the three of us could be main-eventing WrestleMania, I think most people would say you’re crazy.

“It’s weird because this is one of those instances where it’s more than Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Edge. That kinda goes more to Joe, Bryan and Adam and just how crazy it all is. And I guess speaks to how stubborn the three of us are!"

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