MVP Hopeful Of WWE Raw Return in Six Weeks After Knee Surgery

MVP was taken out by Orton on Raw

MVP has revealed he is hopeful of being back on WWE Monday Night Raw 'in the next four to six weeks' after undergoing surgery on his injured knee.

MVP was written off WWE television following an RKO from Randy Orton on the September 13 episode of Raw, with WWE saying the former United States Champion would be out 'indefinitely' with a rib injury.

Reports suggested that MVP had already undergone knee surgery but the 47-year-old has now revealed he is scheduled to undergo his procedure on Friday, 24 September, having torn his meniscus in two places in February.

The Hurt Business member is hopeful of a return to WWE television in four to six weeks.

Speaking in a video on Instagram, MVP said: "There were some reports going around that I had successful knee surgery. Those reports were wrong, erroneous, mistaken, as usual. I'm having knee surgery, today.

"As some of you might night, a couple of weeks ago, I took a viscous RKO from Randy Orton on the floor, one I certainly didn't deserve. As a result, I suffered a 'rib injury' [wink].

"I figured, while I recover from this 'rib injury,' I would get my knee fixed, the one that has had me hobbled since February, when I tore a meniscus and then two weeks later got a second meniscus tear. Since then, I've been hobbling.

"People thought the cane was cool and dope, but it was necessary. The injury has been real. I'm excited to finally get it fixed so I can get back in the ring and actually wrestle and not be hobbled.

"I appreciate the well wishes and all the positive energy. We're going to get through this simply arthroscopic surgery and hopefully I'll be back on Monday Night Raw in the next four to six weeks."

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