Naomi: Getting TV Time Is The Biggest Obstacle In WWE

Make the most of two minutes

Speaking with the Jalen Rose: Renaissance Man Podcast, WWE's Naomi has claimed getting TV time is the biggest obstacle she faces in the company. 

"I think, just in general, still trying to fight for the TV time. Getting matches that are longer than two minutes. Although you're thankful because there's still so many women that aren't even getting the TV time, it's like, 'Okay, I got two minutes. At least I got that. I've got two minutes to show and prove and get people behind me.' But you want more, you need more, you know what I mean? To develop those stories and those characters," Naomi began.

"That opportunity has to be there. I realise whenever women in our industry are given that opportunity, they knock it out of the park every time. But it can't just be sporadically, it needs to be consistent. So, that's what myself and all of us are still pushing for and fighting for. Each day, each week."

Naomi has often struggled for TV time in recent years and #NaomiDeservesBetter even trended on Twitter back in July 2020. The two-time SmackDown Women's Champion has been featured on the blue brand in recent months, though, as part of her feud with Sonya Deville.

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