Natalya Wants To See Great Khali Back In WWE For Superstar Spectacle

Natalya would love to see Great Khali back in WWE

The Great Khali hasn’t been on WWE programming since back at the Greatest Royal Rumble event in 2018, when he made a brief cameo in the 50-man Royal Rumble match. WWE is going to Khali’s home country of India later this year for the Superstar Spectacle event, and Natalya is someone who would love to see Khali make a return for the show, revealing so in an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestlebinge.

“Oh, I would love for The Great Khali to come back. He’s a very good friend of mine, he’s beloved in India, and he’s also a WWE Hall Of Famer, but he’s so special, and he’s such a special person, and you think about the work he’s done in WWE, and the work he’s done in Hollywood. When Khali [was in WWE], we would travel together, and anywhere we went, somebody would approach Khali, and they would be like, ‘Sir, we know you from this or that or WWE or The Longest Yard.’ He never, ever turned down a photo, he took a picture with everyone, and I can’t tell you how many swarms of people would come up to him and [ask for a picture.] It didn’t matter if it was two in the morning, it didn’t matter if it was at a Denny’s, it didn’t matter if it was at an airport, he would stop for every one. He’s very gracious and grateful for his fans, and he’s a very good friend, and I’d love to see him back.”

Natalya and Khali were once aligned on WWE programming in a comedy faction also including Hornswoggle. 

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