New Change To WWE NXT Contracts Reportedly Revealed

What those at the Performance Center are signing these days...

WWE's rather aggressive talent signing policy has been making all kinds of headlines over the past year or so, as the company have seemingly been trying to sign just about every name on the independent scene with a bit of value behind it.

Another detail about the contracts offered to those starting at the Performance Center has been revealed today, with the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter claiming that wrestlers are being handed five-year deals now when they used to be handed three-year deals in years gone by.

For the avoidance of any doubt, here's what the latest WON had to say: "In another change, talent being signed to new NXT contracts are getting five-year deals instead of the previous three-year deals for beginners, trying to lock people in to where it’s a long time before they can test the free agent market.

"It’s one thing for someone like Mysterio to be able to get an 18 month deal because WWE wanted him away from the outside and he realized he had leverage to get what he wanted, and it’s another thing for guys with no experience to try and say they don’t want to commit to five years and only want three.

"But really that’s the case across the board at least WWE contracts guarantee significant money unlike some other company contracts that are out there where guys are making nothing and locked up in a marketplace where WWE wants to lock up anyone they see as marketable talent."

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