Ryback Reveals How Much The WWE Network Changed WWE Superstars' PPV Pay

Ryback left WWE back in 2016...

Even though he left WWE all the way back in 2016, Ryback has been speaking to numerous outlets about life as a Superstar on the road recently.

The Big Guy revealed just how much WWE Superstars make from merchandise sales, and with Wrestling Inc President Raj Giri a recent guest on Ryback’s podcast (Conversation with the Big Guy) the former Nexus man has spoken about how the WWE Network changed a Superstar's PPV payday.

"They held a meeting for that (when the network first started) and pay went down drastically," Ryback said.

"Eventually, it went back up but we were told payouts were going to be based off previous years pay-per-views or previous years. Those numbers were not made available to the talent. You were not given any numbers to reference it off, you have no idea what the network is doing. It is something I brought up as well."

Ryback told of how he felt the hit of the change when the Network WrestleMania payouts were issued: "My first WrestleMania against Mark Henry (not on the Network) I was paid $70-$74,000 range, which by far was my highest payday for a single wrestling match.

"I just remember I was in the main event right off the bat and my paydays were, what I considered anyway, to be great. But, I had nothing to compare it to. The next year in the tag with RybAxel (first WrestleMania on the network) I believe I made $35,000, it was my lowest pay-per-view pay of the year and I was never told why."

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