Nigel McGuiness: I Want Daniel Bryan In NXT UK

“You mentioned perhaps coming to NXT or NXT UK, I think that would get a lot of people talking.”

The talk of the wrestling world right now is all about Daniel Bryan’s expired WWE contract. Fans, fellow wrestlers, and seemingly everyone who has heard of professional wrestling have given their thoughts on what Bryan should do next, and now NXT UK's Nigel McGuinness has given his two cents.

Speaking to WWE After the Bell McGuinness said the following:

“Daniel Bryan, I remember when we first started out in the same locker room. He’s a guy who our careers almost parallel each other until coming here to WWE and then we went off in very different directions. Good friend of mine, nothing but respect inside and outside of the ring. A lot of interesting theories on the world that we’ve shared on car rides.

“I’d love to see Bryan here [NXT UK]. To be honest with you, he’s the guy most like Kurt Angle, he has great matches with absolutely everyone and I think he’s a person that you just can’t help [learn from]. When you’re in the ring with someone with that talent, you can’t help but be brought up another level.

McGuinness and Bryan were two of the lynchpins of Ring of Honor during ROH’s glory years and know each other very well both outside the ring and in it:

“Our careers are certainly synonymous with each other in the early stages,” said McGuinness “I remember the first time I was in a locker room with him as well. We got there early, he was over in the corner of the locker room just reading a book and I had this very strange sensation that he was going to be a big factor in my career and vice versa and couldn’t be any more true than that.

“It’s great that he’s had the success that he’s had here, couldn’t be happier for him and I think he’s still got a lot that he can do. You mentioned perhaps coming to NXT or NXT UK, I think that would get a lot of people talking.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc. for the transcription

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