Report: Backstage Update on WWE's Relationship With Daniel Bryan

D-Bry's WWE contract reportedly expired ten days ago

Daniel Bryan's contract with WWE may have ended, but the company reportedly has no issue with talent talking about their now-former superstar on television. 

After losing his Universal Championship match with Roman Reigns on the April 30 episode of Smackdown, which saw him banished from the show, Bryan has not been seen or head from. 

However, WWE has mentioned him on the The Bump, with hosts speculating about Bryan cropping up outside of the promotion. Corey Graves also discussed Bryan's future on the After The Bell podcast while the former WWE Champion was a large aspect of Reigns' opening promo on last week's Smackdown too. 

According to PWInsider, there has been zero edict issued by WWE management in terms of talent not being permitted to mention or discuss Bryan on their programming. The lack of a clampdown offers credence to previous reports that the two parties are still on good terms, despite Bryan's contract expiring. 

The report compares Bryan's departure to that of CM Punk's, with WWE enforcing a company-wide shutdown on using his name on television when he walked out in 2014.

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