Report: WWE Management Hated AEW's Blood And Guts Match

AEW's latest big match has reportedly not got a good reaction out of WWE...

The Blood And Guts Match held by All Elite Wrestling last week has received a wide berth of reactions, with some wrestling fans adoring the action while others detested it. 

The war, between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle, came to an end when Sammy Guevara surrendered on behalf of his team to stop MJF from throwing Chris Jericho from the top of the structure. MJF, of course, would do so anyway. 

Interestingly, but almost certainly unsurprisingly, reaction from higher-ups within the WWE structure towards AEW's most recent set-piece was not positive at all. 

In fact, Dave Scherer of PWInsider is reporting that he has been told that WWE management 'hated' the Blood And Guts Match, with one source saying: "They just set the business back 30 years."

Interestingly, Scherer also says he has spoken to wrestlers within the WWE structure who say they loved the match and would relish the opportunity to do something like that themselves.

Given management's reaction, however, it doesn't appear WWE talent should expect to get that particular nod anytime soon.

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