Nikki A.S.H Open To WWE Storyline With Alexa Bliss

A lot of story to draw from

Nikki A.S.H is open to revisiting her past alliance with Alexa Bliss, noting there is "so much story there" between the two Superstars. 

A.S.H formed a tag team with Bliss in May 2019 when she was Nikki Cross and they would go on to become the first two-time women's tag team champions during their 16-month run together. 

Both women have undergone transformations in the past year, with Cross now being "Almost A Superhero" Nikki A.S.H, while Bliss is a demonic individual with a talking doll. With their changes, A.S.H believes there is so much both women can draw from for a future storyline.

"There is so much room and so much story there that we can still go to. Alexa was wonderful to work with and I'm so proud of what we did. The fact that we had people thinking one thing was going to happen and then something else happened, then we became the first-ever two-time women's tag team champions. (Alexa is) a multi-time women's champion. So versatile and her character work is second to none. Watching this along with everyone else, it's been incredible to watch her transformation," A.S.H told Ryan Satin on the Out Of Character podcast.

"I love that our stories have taken these different paths and now I have my transformation of being Almost a Superhero and exploring those aspects. My favourite part of being in the industry, and I love being in the ring, it's my home, but I love character work. I love interviews, promos, and talking. When I was on the Independent scene, I would demand a microphone before every match. I enjoy character work so much and exploring different aspects and layers of my character. It's been so exciting to watch her and I'm excited for my own journey and exploring those aspects and layers."

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