Former Executive Producer Recalls WWE Struggling To Pay For Milk In 1990s

Tough times

Times were hard in WWE (then WWF) following the company's golden age in the 1980s and business wouldn't improve until the beginning of the Attitude Era in 1997. 

Former WWE Executive Producer Doug LeBow joined WWE in 1992 and he revealed on Tough Talk with A.J Kirsch that times were so tough the company couldn't afford to buy milk for their employees.

"I mean this in the greatest of all compliments, it was such the wild west. The company was in transition. Vince had just come out of the steroid scandal on the positive side and the company had to battle. We had to battle through a downtime. So much so that in my first couple of months, we had to kick in a dollar a week per person to pay for milk because the company was having a hard time paying for milk," LeBow said.

"It was an interesting culture when I first got there and from PA to producer in under two years and then the director of a division a year or two after that. By 1999, I was running their in-house production and marketing division and we were doing one-hundred million dollars of business out of the New York office, just following the lead of Vince (McMahon) and Kevin (Dunn)."

LeBow initially joined the company as a production assistant but he was soon promoted to an executive producer role. He would remain with WWE until 2006. 

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