Nikki A.S.H Responds To Critics Of Her WWE Superhero Gimmick

Nikki A.S.H won the Raw Women's Title a couple of weeks ago

Nikki A.S.H has responded to critics of her new WWE character, saying she is simply looking to inspire the promotion's younger audience. 

Nikki Almost A Superhero has become a main feature on WWE Monday Night Raw, winning this year's Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match before cashing in the briefcase on Charlotte Flair and becoming Raw Women's Champion just over 24 hours later.

A small section of the audience aren't fans of the new gimmick but Nikki herself is loving life with her new character in WWE, and understands it might take some people a bit of time to get used to. 

Ultimately, Nikki just wants to inspire kids.

Speaking with the 'Ring the Belle' podcast, Nikki said: "When we approached this and when we came up with this, we put a lot of thought and love and a lot of time and energy into this. For me, I’m so happy to spread this message, and I’m so happy to show this character because it’s something I’m so proud of and satisfied with, and feel really fulfilled with.

"So for me, for the fans who are still warming up to it, that’s OK. That’s the joy of coming to a WWE event. That’s the joy of tuning into Monday Night RAW every week. You can resonate with the message, and it might be something you resonate with right away. Or it might just take a little time to warm up to. I just want to connect with our younger audience and inspire them."

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