Bruce Pritchard Reflects On WWE's Decision To Unmask Kane In 2003

Kane was unmasked for the first time in 2003

Bruce Pritchard has reflected on the way he wanted to make Kane look upon his unmasking in WWE in 2003.

After six years with a mask on, the decision was made to remove the iconic face covering from Kane on WWE Monday Night Raw in June 2003. Kane lost a World Championship match with Triple H, meaning he had to unmask and expose the scars he suffered during a fire in his youth.

With the backstory of the horrendous inferno to work with as inspiration, Pritchard has discussed how he and Vince McMahon decided how Kane had to look before going through those creative decisions with Glen Jacobs.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Something to Wrestle podcast (via AdFreeShows), Pritchard said: "That was...You know, we were looking at what to do next with Kane. Vince was thinking, 'well sh*t, let's take off his mask.'

"When we started talking about that, we started talking about, 'well, what does he look like with the mask off and wondering'...Then my sick mind took over as far as, 'what if we could simulate the burns on his face and he has this really screwed up haircut from the horrid fire that he was in that his hair wouldn't grow back in certain places.'

"We start shaving his head a little bit at Madison Square Garden, and I start really messing with it, bad. Glenn's looking at me like, 'Bruce, you're f**king with me?' I said, 'no, man. I think this is going to be really cool.' I think it was really cool for the first time shock factor. But I don't think that Glenn's lovely wife, Crystal, who is an extremely lovely woman, one of the nicest people that you ever want to meet, she didn't care for it too much and that was enough for me.

"It was like, 'okay, we'll change it up a little bit.' So, you just shave it and then let it grow out a little for TV and then we can mess it up a little bit when we get to TV and then shave it again when you go home so you're somewhat normal when you go home."

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