Nikki Bella Reveals She Can't Return To WWE Full-Time

Nikki returned for the Royal Rumble in January

Despite returning to the ring for the Royal Rumble in January, Nikki Bella has revealed that she can’t return to the WWE full-time.

Nikki had previously spoken about being put on the ‘retired bench for life’, and in conversation with TV Insider it seems Nikki is content being a mother, aside from the occasional one-off match or programme:

“We really hope there is an opportunity to go after the tag titles,” Nikki began. “Being in the ring with Bianca Belair, I would love to come back and work with Bianca. I would love to come back and work with Rhea [Ripley]. I’m a huge fangirl of hers. Just seeing her presence in the ring-up close, I would die to do a story with her. It felt so cool to be in the ring again with Ronda [Rousey]. She is just awesome and has an incredible presence. We all had a lot of fun in the locker room after. I really missed it, but I’m in mom mode and things are different now. I was sore for a few days. I can’t lie. The show made me think about how we can come back and do more of a story. Unfortunately, where we are at in our lives Brie and I can never be back full-time. We hope there is something soon or in the future that we can come back and do something. Just getting the taste in the ring made us want more.”

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